Mahindra 2600 Series tractors

2600 Series Tractors

The Mahindra 2600 Series of compact tractors are reliable machines able to enhance the user’s ability to successfully accomplish a maximum amount of work in a fraction of the time. The 2600 Series offers outstanding performance and is the optimal choice for someone in need of a compact tractor to help with ground maintenance, livestock upkeep, utility ag work, or even general-purpose hobby farming. Many of the tractors in this series can be bought with or without a cab, such as the 2638 HST. Purchasing the cab version allows protection from the elements, heating and air conditioning, and Bluetooth radio, while still maintaining excellent visibility. Optional front loader and backhoe are also available, as well as a wide assortment of other implements.

2600 Series Tractor Specs:

  • Engine: Four-stroke, Direct Injection, Water Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 37.4 @ 2400, 44 @ 2600, 60 @ 2300, and 70 @ 2300
  • Transmission: HST – 3 Ranges, Sync, shuttle with part synchromesh, and Power Shuttle
  • Hydraulics – Open center
  • Lift Capacity – 2,646-3,528 lbs. (depending on model)
  • Fuel Tank gallons – 9, 16, and 18.5
  • Warranty – 7-year limited powertrain warranty

Implements Available:

Mahinda enhances the capabilities of the 2600 Series of compact tractors by supplying several amazing implements that work flawlessly with these tractors.

Box Scraper

Quick hitch ready for a speedy clip on & off. Slots in which the shanks are inserted are reinforced for a longer life span. Wide cutting edge in front and back not only protects the scraper but assists in successful results. Moves larger quantities of loose material to minimize work time

Rear Blade

5 forward/5 reverse angle positions. Pin-tilt adjustments for ditching. Moldboard height 13 1/2”. A 1/2” x 6” reversible cutting edge. Slider Blade A-Frame Standard. Quick hitch compatible

Rotary Cutter

Quick Hitch compatible. 40 HP gear box with 5 year warranty. Laminated tail wheel. Shear bolt or slip clutch PTO. Front and Rear chain guard optional. Fully welded rotary cutter top. Welded on lower link lift points. 7” Side bands. Replaceable skid shoes. Stump jumper standard.

Rotary Tiller

Quick hitch ready for a speedy clip on & off. All gear drive for a powerful and dependable performance. Major components are well sealed to prolong life span .Part are easily replaceable when repairs are required rendering this unit very user friendly

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