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Weather Station

  • Weather stations track important conditions including: temperature, wind speed, wind direction, dewpoint, and rainfall.
  • Access our entire network of over 4,000 weather stations around the world.
  • Weather data from your fields powers many agronomic models within FarmCommand.
  • Get the big picture with enhanced radar. Always know when weather turns ugly near your fields.

Satellite Imagery

  • Imagery is processed into easy-to-read field maps for monitoring crop health and any subtle or major variations in vegetation and soil.
  • Imagery is scanned to identify positive and negative vegetative changes in a field, producing Health Change Maps which trigger an email notification.
  • Each map features a true color layer to identify clouds and shadows.
  • Unique Scouting Maps help to detect problems early, identify pests, manage nutrient requirements and protect yield.


  • Mixed-fleet compatibility, automatic data transfers and customizable options, the tool simplifies record-keeping and provides full transparency of your operation.
  • Streams real-time equipment values along with planting, spraying, harvest and tillage data wirelessly to an iPad, tablet or mobile device.
  • View the status of any field activity and easily analyze where adjustments can be made to improve performance.

Soil Moisture Probes

Real-time moisture measuring

View root zone water content with multi-layer soil moisture and soil temperature measurement at 6 depths.

Area soil sampling

Comprehensive soil sampling and lab analysis for soil moisture and texture from each probe location.

Enhanced reporting & predictive modeling

Access moisture reports and recommendations from regional experts along with in-season moisture-based yield prediction.


It gathers and provides the user with helpful statistics to enhance farming capabilities. Processes the information gathered and provides the user with helpful statistics to enhance farming capabilities. FarmCommand automatically integrates all sources of data and delivers what growers need most: swift, accurate, in-field decision support.

"My family and where I came from in terms of our crop ground and our livestock, we work from dusk to dawn. We work hard for it and we want to make sure that all that information stays with us. It's not for anybody else to look at."

Aaron Hahn, Farmers Edge Account Manager

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